Free Windows Tuner 2

A free tuner that optimizes your operating system, creating a cleaner and more efficient system

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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Free Windows Tuner is a program that claims to boost the speed of any PC by upwards of 80 percent, including the way the memory functions, the way the hard drive operates and even the speed of the Internet connection.

The Free Windows Tuner Program

Even people who know a thing or two about computers find that their PCs become rather slow over time. The standard-issue PC in this modern age has around 4GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD, and an independent GPU, and still these components cannot fight against fragmented files, junk programs, lingering malware, startup issues, and other programs that plague the average computer. Free Windows Tuner is a program designed to clean and tune your PC so that you can maximize its performance.

On its face, Free Windows Tuner has a lot going for it. First, it is free and does not require you to purchase anything. It is not inundated with ads either. You will be asked to try other programs from the same developer, but it does not require you to download them or to pay for anything. You can download the program and immediately begin using it to speed up your PC.

Features of Free Windows Tuner

One of the first features that’s noticeable when using Free Windows Tuner is that it instantly gives you a vital readout of your PC’s performance. For instance, when you open the program, it will give you a speed number (e.g. 68 percent, out of 100 percent max), along with how much available RAM you have and how much disk space you have remaining.

Then, you will see a range of different options you can select in order to speed up your computer. You can clear your RAM, your clipboard, optimize your Windows startup, delete temporary and orphaned files, and even optimize the registry without the need of a separate program.

One drawback of the program is that it is slow, and even slower depending on how messy your PC is. However, once it starts running through the checklist, the disk space optimization section runs a lot quicker than the speed optimization section.

When you are finished running your tune-up, you will receive a message that tells you the tuning is complete. There is nothing to purchase and no further steps to take. The program works with the goal of giving you 100 percent speed, and that’s what it does. The changes will not be permanent, though, and you will probably have to run Free Windows Tuner every other day or so. However, the end result is a faster PC.


  • Program is free
  • There aren't any ads getting in the way
  • The speed boost takes effect immediately
  • No PC restart required after completion


  • Program can run slowly at times
  • You can't customize your tuning options
  • Software isn't a fix-all and needs to be operated repeatedly

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